Thursday, June 7, 2007

Oracle EBusiness Suite Release 12


R12 Installation is performed with Rapid Install.

R12 Installation provides the following options:
New Installation ( Standard ) - with all options
New Installation ( Express ) - with limited options and Rapid Install Standard Defaults
Distributed Installation - Shared Application Top and Load Balancing.

Feature : In R12 , Rapid Install creates a system that shares not only the APPL_TOP and COMMON_TOP
file systems, but the application node technology stack file system as well. Rapid Install sets up
this configuration as the default for nodes that are running the same operating system.
Disk Space Requirement :

Application : 28 GB
Database : 31 GB Fresh Install

Rapid Install in R12 is very similar to R11

R12 Download is available at

1. After you Install R12 with Rapidwiz , here are the steps to access OAM. In R12 OAM will be no more appearing in a separate link.

Login as sysadmin/sysadmin
Choose System Administrator
Go to User Define and query up %sysadmin%
Add the responsibility System Administration
Save and exit applications.
Bounce services - and (located in /admin/scripts)
Login as sysadmin and choose "System Administration"
You should now see OAM links.

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